You Need Administrator Permission To Delete Folder

If you get the error message “Access lớn the destination thư mục is denied, you need administrator rights to lớn delete this folder” on a Windows 10/8/7 machine, here is a simple solution that will allow you to lớn fix the error & delete the thư mục in a few minutes. Every time you create a new file or folder, Windows assigns it a set of mặc định permissions.

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These permissions are called valid permissions. If the user does not have the necessary permissions, the Windows operating system displays this error. This method also works if you get an error message You must have administrative rights khổng lồ rename this folder.

Suppose you uninstalled the software through the Control Panel. When you uninstall the software via Control Panel, configuration files and registry keys are stored in specific locations. In most cases, the uninstaller can remove all files và registry entries.

However, sometimes some folders remain & you get an error message. You need administrator rights to delete this folder when you try khổng lồ remove these folders. Again, you may see this error message when you delete another folder.

In the error dialog are the “Continue”, “Skip”, & “Cancel” buttons. If you click the “Continue” button, you will get another message – you need permission from khổng lồ make changes khổng lồ this folder. Eventually, you will not be able to lớn delete the folder under any circumstances.

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To resolve the message “Administrator rights are required to delete this folder”Frequently Asked Questions

What causes the error message “You must have administrative rights khổng lồ delete this folder”


The permissions error occurs because of the advanced security và privacy features of the Windows operating system. Some actions require that users be given administrative rights to lớn copy/delete/rename files or change settings. This permission prevents unauthorized users, such as guest users, and external sources, such as scripts, from accessing system data. When a vi khuẩn attacks a computer, it tries lớn gain administrative access lớn the operating system to take advantage of system vulnerabilities.

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File permissions are configured khổng lồ prevent unauthenticated objects from gaining full control over files and to help Windows determine whether a user or object can be granted special tệp tin access & write permissions. Tệp tin permissions can be changed by administrators.

Without proper permissions, users will not be able lớn perform certain operations and will get the error messages mentioned above. Therefore, we can change the access permission and take over the system files khổng lồ get rid of this problem.

To resolve the message “Administrator rights are required khổng lồ delete this folder”


Disable User account Control

In the Start tìm kiếm field, tìm kiếm for “UAC” và press Enter khổng lồ access the Edit User tài khoản Control settings window.At the bottom of the settings, move the slider to lớn “Never notify”.Restart your computer.

Enable the built-in administrator account

Type CMD in the tìm kiếm box, then right-click Run as administrator.On the command line, copy và paste the following command:network administrator / active: yesType the following command:network administrator (password)Then press Enter, replacing (password) with the password you want to set for the administrator account.Restart the computer

Using SFC

Go khổng lồ the beginning & type cmdRight-click on the command prompt và select Run as administrator.Type sfc / scan and wait for the scan to lớn finish.Restart your computer

Own the folder

Navigate to lớn the folder you want to lớn delete, right-click on it và select Properties.Go to the Security tab & click AdvancedClick the Edit button in front of the owner file & click the Advanced button.On the Select User or Group page, click Advanced khổng lồ select available accounts.Click search Now, và then select the user to lớn whom you want to lớn transfer ownership.Right-click the folder and select PropertiesClick the Security tab and then click the Advanced button.Under the “Permissions” tab, click “Add”, then “Primary” to địa chỉ cửa hàng your account.Click the Advanced button, then click tìm kiếm Now to danh sách all the accounts that can be granted a phối of permissions.Find your tài khoản in the list, click OK and save your changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The owner of the folder.Use third-party software.Disable user account control.Enable the built-in administrator account.Use SFC.Use safe mode.