During the installation of Skype on your computer, especially Windows 7, you will often encounter the error message Cannot find or load Microsoft Installer.

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Skype is also one of the most popular đoạn clip call và chat software in businesses and office jobs. The operation of installing Skype software on Windows is very simple, but with Windows 7, an error message could not be found or load Microsoft Installer. When this message appears, you will no longer be able to lớn continue installing Skye and using this software.

This error may be due lớn the Skype version you downloaded in the latest version và not yet compatible with the operating system. So how khổng lồ fix this notification on Skype installation error?

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When the error message appears as shown below, click Close to lớn close the error window.


Step 1:

First, access the folder containing the Skype software installation file on your computer. We right-click on the .exe Skype file & select Troubleshoot compatibility .


Step 2:

Soon the Program Compatibility Troubleshoots interface appears detecting problems on Skype software.

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Then switch khổng lồ the Select troubleshooting option interface, we click on the Try recommended settings to proceed to fix the error.


Step 3:

Finally, click on Start the program lớn reinstall the software from the beginning và fix the Skype installation error.


We wait for a few seconds and then appear the Skype settings window as usual.


The above is how lớn fix Skype with notification settings Cannot find or load Microsoft Installer on Windows 7. After fixing the error, users proceed to lớn install Skype as usual.

I wish you all success!

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Samuel Daniel
Update 24 May 2019
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