Microsoft Office Encounters Error During Setup: Here'S A Quick Fix

You have purchased a new máy tính or desktop with Windows 10 & want to lớn install Microsoft Office Standard năm 2016 or Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016. To do this, you have copied thiết đặt files through installation truyền thông on your personal computer & run the thiết đặt file khổng lồ install Microsoft Office. During the installation, your installation is interrupted and gives the following error Microsoft Office Professional Plus năm 2016 encountered an error during setup.

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Many users have reported this issue during its setup. The complete error mô tả tìm kiếm based on the thiết đặt you are installing. Like you are installing Microsoft Office Standard 2016, the error message would Microsoft Office Standard 2016 encountered an error during setup. And if you are installing Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016, then the error message will be Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 encountered an error during setup.

This problem is not related lớn the operating system. Và the problem can be reported in Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 as well.I personally observed this error mostly reported in Microsoft Office 2013 & 2016. Và users usually get this error when the thiết lập process is going to complete. Think about it. It’s very annoying.


Mostly the problem comes, when you have purchased a new máy vi tính or desktop and you got a pre-install Microsoft Office trial version in your personal computer and you have not uninstalled the Microsoft office trail properly. Or you are trying to upgrade it.Most of the users are reported that the problem got fixed after the uninstalling of the previous version of Microsoft Office.

The other cause of the problem is the conflict in the architecture of some of the applications lượt thích x64 architecture (64-bit) applications conflicting with x86 architecture (32-bit) applications.

Solution: Uninstall the previous version of Microsoft Office and Delete the Microsoft thư mục from Task Scheduler

I have made the đoạn clip on YouTube to resolve this Microsoft Office Standard 2016 encountered an error during thiết lập issue and users have commented that their problem got successfully resolve after following these steps. The best way khổng lồ start the troubleshooting lớn uninstall the previous version of Microsoft Office without referring lớn the second part.

Follow the step by step instructions lớn troubleshoot the issue.

Click on the Start thực đơn button and search the control panel. Then click on the Control Panel icon to open it.In Control Panel and click on Uninstall a Program under Program at the bottom of the Control Panel window. A Program và features window will appear. You can also xuất hiện this window using shortcut command appwiz.cpl. You need to lớn type this command in the search window.

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Locate Microsoft Office in Program & features window. Here you may find multiple entries of Microsoft Office product. Cảnh báo down all and uninstall one by one. If you don’t find any Microsoft Office hàng hóa installed in your system skip this và follow part 2.To uninstall the application, right-click on Microsoft Office application listed in Program and features windows và select uninstall to lớn run the uninstallation wizard & follow the onscreen instruction.


Click Finish when uninstallation is completed và repeat the same process to uninstall all entries, if applicable for you.

Now follow the second part, which is related to lớn Task Scheduler.

Click on the Start thực đơn button and tìm kiếm the Task Scheduler và press Enter to open the Windows Task Scheduler.

Navigate lớn Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Office.


Select the Office folder in the left pane & right-click on it and Locate the Delete FolderClick on Delete Folder và choose yes when prompted to lớn confirm the deletion.Reboot the machine.

Reinitiate the installation và see if the error message still appears. This solution is worked for me và lots of other users confirm khổng lồ me on my YouTube Channel

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